Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Explaning My Event

My sport for the commonwealth games is Watermolen Bowling in New Zealand Auckland in 2014.The aim of the game is you have to get down as many  bottle as you can to get points.The  game was made by Maroroa.

The equipment for Watermolen Bowling is 10 bottles,2 watermolen.The ten bottles are for the pins to get points so that you can win.The 2 watermolens are for getting all the pin down.

In Watermolen Bowling there are no positions.But the rules are,if your two watermolen breaks you lose.If you watermolen goes on the side you lose too and you don’t get points.And you have to try and get it from the back of the line.

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  1. Nice job writing your explanation about your made up Sport Maroroa.