Monday, 28 July 2014

School Hoildays

On the 20th of July can you guess what I did ?

On the 20th I had a Exam.The Exam is like a test but a church test.The test is fun and the best part is you get a gift.You can get things like rugby balls,poster and more things and if you are the best one in the test you can money and a PS3 or 4.

After the Exam I went to the Golf Range with my uncle.Me and my uncle had a challenge.We had 100 golf balls.I was so excised.But then I lost .That was the best golf challenge I ever had.

Then me and my uncle went to the arcade in pamuner.I got 100 tokens and I played the claw machine,win a wheel. I saw Sevenson at the arcade too.At the arcade i winnig three rugby balls and 2,532 tickets.

At the end of the day I had fun with my uncle.I went to two places the Golf Range and the arcade.But then it all ended I was sad and I was getting ready for school.So that was my school holidays.So now I’m at school now and this term is going to be awsome.

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