Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country Show Not Tell

One by one we went off, my cheek was turning red and it feeled like I was about to faint.I had a funny feeling in my stomach.Then finally it was our turn we were walking to the starting line.There was the feeling again, but this time my oxygen felt like they were upside down.The boyz were jumping up & down, but I was trying to focus.Clap! went Mr burt's blocks, my legs left the starting line.

Once I reach the first cone, the boyz started to pick up the pace.And before you know it I was at the first gate.When I got halfway on my first lap, my legs were starting to burn.Once I got on my second lap, it was like my breath was beating me in the race.I was almost finished and once I cross the finish line I felt like going for a swim.

I scratched my head writing this, wounding about what I should writ.This was my writing for this week and we where learning show not tell and the theme I did was Cross Country.

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