Thursday, 13 June 2013

A researcher that is lost

A researcher is going to feed Scott Base in a big wing storm.He was so cold he was caved in snow.It so cold in Antarctica you will freeze to death.

The researcher is lost and he was very tired.He was so tired he can’t stand up.Then he found a cave but he was still cold.
It was getting dark,and then the researcher went to sleep into the cave.Then he woke up and the big wing storm,was still going so he went on walking.So he saw some thing like people but it was a penguin.

But the researcher saw a black thing again.And it was some people of Scott base,and the people of Scott base bang him Scott base.The researcher was happy and the other researcher were happy to.

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  1. Hi Maroroa....I really enjoyed reading through your blog.....I like the way that you are also recording your stories so that we at home are able to listen to read....Your reading is improving....that great to hear...look forward to reading through your blog....Pareu Tengaru