Thursday, 4 July 2013

Trip To Kelly Tarlton

Do you know where the year 5 and the year 6 went ? KELLY TARLTON’S

On a sunny morning the year 5’s and year 6’s went on the bus to Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium,and we went there to find more things about antarctica.I had to team up with Trinity’s nana’s group.And so we went searching of a long time.

So we went explored of a very long long time we saw penguins, fish, sharks, stingrays and a giant squid.It was more fun than the zoo and rainbows end.It was the best penguins, fish, sharks, stingrays.

After we look at the penguins, fish, sharks, stingrays we went to the seahorses.I was amazing things like a seahorses.When I saw one I saw another one and a another and another and another.
The last thing we had to do is research about a favorite thing about your favorite sea animal.My  favorite sea animal was a shark.I had to research about a cool shark.Than the year 5’s and year 6’s went to the bus.

I was overjoyed when we got there,but when it was time to go I was thrilled.That was the best trip ever.I wish I can go there again.

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