Friday, 11 April 2014


I love swimming!This term I had 8 lesson with my cool instructors.They taught me lots of skills,and my technique is getting better and better.

The year 6  went to the G.I Pool.When we got to the pools we got changed in the toilets,Into our   we went to the shower to wash off the ,hair gel and dirt.
After that we had to wait, Our bodies we were shivering and shaking by the pool.

To warm up we had to use flutter boards, To swim to the other side of the pool.The thing we did was,arm circles,rocket arms and fast little kick.Rocket arms are keeping your arms,Straight behind your head and your hands together.

On the final day of swimming, the instructors lined us up so that we could have relay races.
The instructors were testing us to see how far we could swim, to the other side of the pool.
When we finished the relay races, we were all tired and exhausted,that was the most amazing swimming lesson we've had.

Thanks Mr Burt for paying for professional coaches to teach us.

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