Thursday, 4 December 2014

Space Writing

Displaying Space picture.jpeg
A rock is coming for the satellite really slowly.We called N.A.S.A that a rock is going to hit the satellite that holds all there information.The thing that you can only see is The earth.

N.A.S.A response back Saying ‘Thank you for telling N.A.S.A’.Then the rock was spinning and spinning closer to the satellite where all of N.A.S.N information.The rock was coming and it look like a big shooting star.

As the rock was going to hit the satellite,N.A.S.N send a robot to push the rock away.Then you could see the rock moving slow away.The robot was coming to check if we were alright.

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  1. Hope you had a good holiday Mararoa. Only one more week until you are back as a year 7. You must be getting excited about seeing your friends and your new class.
    See you soon
    Mrs Garden