Friday, 25 July 2014

Hooked On Hockey

  1. What is interesting about Jayan and his family?
Jayan and his family are hook on Hockey.

  1. Why do you think hockey is a good winter sport?
Hockey is a good winter sport because the games don’t get cancelled.

  1. Name three key hockey skills:
The three key hockey skills are dribbling,passing and running.

  1. What safety equipment do they wear?
The Safety equipment they wear is a Mouthguard and a Shin pd

  1. Name the three hockey positions:
The three hockey positions are Striker,defender and goalkeeper.

  1. Why do you think it is fun to be the striker?
I think it is fun to be the striker because you mostel get the ball.

  1. How long is  the whole game? How do you know?
The game takes 30 mins and I know because it said in the book its takes 15 min for the half time.So in the second half its 15 so its 15+15=30.

  1. Why wont Jayam have many sleep-ins?
Jayam didn’t have many sleep ins because hes always Busy

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