Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Hoilday Highlight

This is the day that I get to go to spend some time with my auntys.Me and my auntys went to a hotel called “Langhan Hotel”(In Town).We went to the hotel for a wedding.

We went to the hotel by bus.It was a long ride for me, so long that I all most went to sleep on the bus.When we got to the hotel it was so fansy that my chrurch clothes were my casual clothes.

It was time for the wedding.Me and my auntys walked down to the chrurch it wasn’t to bad.The wedding was nice and short,but when it came to the reception, it was too long for me it was from 5 pm to midnigth and that long.So my uncle came and looked after me.Me and my uncle we to timeout (Arcade).But fist we had to find a parking space it was ha to find one because it was packed at town,but then we found one.But I played the claw machine bcause I always win and claw machine is a skill game, and more game.

At the end of the day,my uncle went home and my aunts came back .The next morning we went to go and have breakfast.Then when we finish breakfast we went to go pack up.It was sad we had to go because there was a Chocolate fountain and ice cream for breakfast.

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